Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Blogging when people you know read your blog

Just read a post from an article about tips for bloggers (from the Right Wing News) Last on his list...

25) Given that there are plenty of people who've been fired or disciplined at work either for blogging on the job or for something they said on their blog, the fewer people at your job who know about your blog, the better.

I know at least 2 people at work know of my blog... should it affect how I blog... probably not. Does it... probably. I not only have to worry about getting fired. I have to worry about being sued and patient confidentiality. I don't blog at work.

Coincidentally... a friend of mine who has an incredibly insightful blog (and she didn't want to tell me about it -- I haven't linked to her at her request) said yesterday.

Even now, I am concious of what I write because of those who know about it or have ever visited it that may know me.

I think it affects what I write as well. One of the comments from the first article said it best.

Blog because you want to, ...It's the passion that readers will respond to.

Blog on.

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