Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Administrative Professional's day

So today is Secretary's day... I mean administrative professionals day so I decided to go pick up some pastries and bagels at Panera for the office staff. Amazing how far $40 bucks worth of carbohydrates gets ya. Anyway, I went there last night and gave them my last name. This morning I went in and asked to pick up my order... "Here you are Dr. [name omitted]" Now I don't remember telling them I was a doctor. Usually I look pretty scrubby in the morning... today I had a shirt and tie on because of clinic. Maybe I look doctorly? maybe the only people ordering large amounts of pastries are doctors? anyway. weird.

Thursday, April 13, 2006

ugh... clinic

so you see. i'm an anesthesiologist. and I'm wearing a tie. how awful.

no really I don't mind that much, but I never expected to wearing a tie much in anesthiology... maybe a tie made out of scrub material (Hmm that might be funny)

anyway. i'm in pre-op anesthesia clinic. surgeons send us patients so we won't cancel them the day of surgery... so we look at the problems they've overlooked in favor of the surgical repair and we make sure they have nothing that will kill them.(oversimplification... sorry)

anyway for some strange reason the phone has been ringing off the hook today. Really it NEVER rings. Today it's so-and-so from Oto "Have you seen Mr. X yet?" or whoever from Urology "Does Mrs. Y need to come down and see you?"

Argh... I'm busy surfing the net. And seeing the five other patients you just sent down here.

I'll just let resident see them all... it's lunchtime isn't it?