Sunday, October 16, 2005

Music in the OR part deux

So I don't know if many people at work actually know about this blog. Just a few I hope. anyway not minutes after I post the last post about music in the OR... I get an email from someone in the department. It's one of those with a million headers in the email so it's been forwarded a billion times.

Anyway... it linked to a version of the article and asked why would anesthesiologists cooperate with publicity that that makes it look like they have nothing better to do in the OR other than play music. I never really thought about it that way. We usually are busy doing other stuff. still having a choice would be nice.

On a completely random note, had a pretty decent day on Friday. Working with two very good, very pleasant residents. One paged me because our "healthy" patient had just had a run of V-Tach... for those of you who are non-medical. It's heart rhythm that's potentially fatal if it persists and is untreated. Luckily in this instance it was short and self limiting, but we were sending off some lab tests to make sure it wasn't a fairly simple electrolyte problem. Anyway I threatened the resident with a bad eval if it happened again. I told her I would note on her eval that, "Resident was good to work with, very knowledgeable, but unfortunately arrythmogenic" (irregular heartbeat-causing) She laughed.... I think she was humoring me... then again she laughs at everything.


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