Wednesday, February 01, 2006

On call

It's not quite 5 am, it's been quiet tonight. I'm on in-house call and the ORs finished really early. No pages since 9:30p or so. Thought it was turning into a great night. Of course I couldn't sleep. I usually can't sleep well at the hospital, but tonight's particularly bad, not even tired. Anyway started an exploratory laparotomy... we'll see what comes of it. I think the resident's happy to be doing the case since the resident that shares the call room snores.


Anonymous said...

hi bnug,
i came across your blogs very recently...was searching for blogs about anesthesiology in the google... really interesting to read your anecdotes
and i went through most of your blogs...great stuff!!
i m a little confused about what to take for my residency...i have narrowed down my choices to internal medicine or anesthesiology and i guess
i'm inclined more to the latter side! i wanted to know more about the ups and downs of anesthesiology and internal medicine so that i could see
things a little clearer and make a proper decision. i think being able to relocate easily, the freedom to take a vacation once in a while peacefully,
having clear goals and immediate feedback results(hopefully ;)) for the treatment strategies in the operating room are all great plus points of anesthesiology.
i think i like the subject and physics of anesthesiology too. but i dont know if you guys at any point, miss the instant gratification of an internists or
other specialties when a diagnosis is made or when they see a U-turn in a patient's prognosis when the apt management of their problem is done ... or the
satisfaction they get when they see a patient's relief...the working environment inside an operating room is more like a teamwork and i am not very sure
if the conflicts between anesthesiologists and surgeons are being blown out of proportion by some of the seniors...
i dont know how true my views are because im viewing it from outside the field, and it may be immature in that sense... but i would like to know more and form
a strong decision... could you please help me by telling your views? ... thanks!!

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