Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Administrative Professional's day

So today is Secretary's day... I mean administrative professionals day so I decided to go pick up some pastries and bagels at Panera for the office staff. Amazing how far $40 bucks worth of carbohydrates gets ya. Anyway, I went there last night and gave them my last name. This morning I went in and asked to pick up my order... "Here you are Dr. [name omitted]" Now I don't remember telling them I was a doctor. Usually I look pretty scrubby in the morning... today I had a shirt and tie on because of clinic. Maybe I look doctorly? maybe the only people ordering large amounts of pastries are doctors? anyway. weird.


IML said...

The person serving you could have been your patient once (:

JACK said...

Do you usually come in wearing scrubs?

bnug said...

That would be obvious, no? I come in in street clothes and change into scrubs. Many people do wear scrubs in , but our department insists that people wear hospital-laundered scrubs for the fact that it's cleaner.... (you could be home changing your oil and playing with the dog in your own scrubs before coming into work)