Monday, April 16, 2007

DC in the spring

Ah to be in Washington DC in the spring.

Blossoms on the trees.

Spring is in the air...


I'm in DC for anesthesia oral board exams

Its 40 degrees outside.

There's a wind advisory...
The plane was shaking like a laundry dryer as we were landing... and I swear we were going sideways for several seconds.

AND I'm taking oral boards tomorrow.

I'm a little stressed

I'm back to the books for last minute cramming... maybe a short nap.

More later.


Dawn said...

Best of luck. You're going to do great!

miriam said...

When I took my orals, I literally thought I was going to die. One of the scariest, most unpleasant things to happen EVER. The key thing to keep in your mind is: no matter what, it'll be at least a year before you have to take them again.
Don't forget the minimum PGA for same day surgery; it's all they ever seem to care about for peds.

iml said...

Take sometime to smell spring. I am sure it'll do you good. Calm the nerves. Good luck!!!