Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Random walls

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I'm walking out of work late yesterday. I'm tired. I'm on cardiac call i've been here for 12 hours. Not bad hour-wise but i've had to work with one of the stressful surgeons and just finished helping code a patient in the operating room.

I just want to go home and put up my feet...

All of a sudden there's a wall along the corridor where I usually walk out. It was open this morning

"Detour -->" I guess they're finally connecting the new building to the old one.
Now I wander through the basement and finally get to my car.

Perfect ending to a long day. Hope I don't get called back in.


carn311 said...

Hey I just wanted to let you know that really enjoy your blog.

Would you consider a "day in the life" post or a commentary on Anesthesiology as a career choice for us medical students in your audience?

Thanks, and keep up the posting!

Hector said...

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