Thursday, June 14, 2007

Staffing shortage

This week we opened a new building... brand new operating rooms, new offices, etc. beautiful place. Still some growing pains as we are somewhat short staffed.

Yesterday, we had an urgent case to start. No residents or CRNAs were available since it was a lecture day and the available people were giving breaks so other people could go to their lectures.

Anyway they had an available OR, and I myself was giving lunch breaks....

So I just went ahead a did the case myself.

I know this doesn't sound too strange to most of you. It's probably the norm in most places. But being at an academic institution I haven't done a case by myself, well ever. In the few years I've been staffing, I always work with a resident or CRNA. Before then I was a resident so I worked with a faculty member supervising me.

It's nice knowing you have your stuff together well enough that you can do a case by yourself at a moments notice.

Yay me.

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mkeamy said...

I like your blog. I found it through "waking up costs" I spent 6 years in academics back east before going into private practice; your posts remind me some of my academic past. THere is a certain joy in giving your own anesthesia; I used to have my senior residents supervise me from time to time; supervising is its own skill. Our blog (there are five of us) is No google yet, though. great work! I'll bookmark you on our site.