Friday, July 27, 2007

Mini Mall

Ever heard of grand mal seizures? It's the type of seizures most think about as seizures, with unconsciousness and violent jerking movements.

I'm in clinic today. On her history form she has written "mini mall seizures".

I usually shop at mini-malls, but I think she means petit-mal seizures. These are also known as absence seizures and not associated with jerking motions.


Sue said...

I don't malls usually make me want to twitch.

Anonymous said...

I experience a lightheadedness almost pass out feeling but don't pass out. It only lasts for seconds. Then I'm tired a few minutes. Is this a seizure?

bnug said...

dunno if it's a seizure. it could be, or it could be a heart arrhythmia or a number of other things. I would talk to your doctor about it.