Monday, July 02, 2007

Study Says Chatty Doctors Forget Patients

Study Says Chatty Doctors Forget Patients

Funny... except for the patients. Published in the Archives of Internal Medicine via the New York Times

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Anonymous said...

Just found your blog today and have now finished reading all your archives and got it bookmarked. This is very interesting! I had emergency surgery last year, broken hip, first hospitalization as an adult, never even met the anesthesiologist (not that I remember anyway --- out for the count on morphine). But I do remember waking up at one point feeling really tired and because I heard someone in the room I whined "When am I going to have my surgery?", and a sweet voice said "All done, hon", and I was back asleep. Very cool! I missed the whole thing (everyone calls the bone pinning major surgery) and only felt a little tired! Never did meet the anesthesiologist but everyone else, especially the surgeon, were absolutely wonderful. Now hoping that was my last hospitalization EVER! LOL