Thursday, February 07, 2008

soaked the skin

As an anesthesiologist you shouldn't need to go to your office and change your scrubs in the middle of a case.

No I didn't soil myself because the case scared the heck out of me because it did, but I was covered in blood from moving the patient on to the bed.

I'm on call today and I was headed down to the Electropysiology (EP) lab to relieve the anesthesiologist down there so he could go home. I'm poking around looking to find out which room he's in. I pop my head in one room, I see a CRNA... have you seen Dr. X? Oh he was just here but he's probably next door... they're having trouble.

Hmm... that's not a good sign. I go into the room and usually the room is dark and quiet, the patient is on the bed under light sedation... they're usually pretty sick, but generally unexciting. Anyway... I go into the room, there's a ton on noise and they're doing chest compressions (CPR) A cardiac surgeon is standing near the bedside and they're pulling out surgical equipment.

(More later)


Da Gangsta said...

Wow! This was the best post I've ever read in a blog, yo!

Thank you so much, i'm so sleepy's author. You're the greatest person on the web! :D

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