Monday, February 18, 2008

soaked to the skin II

anyway, sorry for the delay.. where was I...

So they're doing CPR on the patient. I went up to the anesthesiologist and asked what was going on. Apparently they were doing an ablation in the ventricle and they had starting getting low blood pressure during the case, then a cardiac arrest.

Now you see some people have irregular rhythms in their hearts. Usually these are cause for little areas of abnormal tissue in the heart, they can burn these areas and usually the irregular rhythms will go away. This is called an ablation. Sometimes they burn through too much and they can get into trouble. It's known to happen, but usually rare.

The problem they have here is now they have a hole in the heart and it starts to bleed. That in and of itself isn't great, but the main problem is that the heart sits in a little sac of tissue called the pericardium (literally "around the heart"). Once it's full of blood, if you have continued bleeding it starts to compress the heart and the compressed heart can no longer fill and pump blood. This causes low blood pressure and eventally cardiac arrest. This is called cardiac tamponade. The way to fix this is to open up the pericardial sac and let the blood from around the heart out, then it can again fill and pump blood. The problem with this is that you still have bleeding and now it's not just limited to the pericardium, but can continue to bleed.

More later...

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