Sunday, August 17, 2008

Web logs

Occasionally I go through my counter logs to see how people get to my blog.
I try to add links to blogs that link to mine, etc.
I use the free version so it doesn't tell me much.

But there's some interesting stuff.

  • Links from several other medical blogs
  • Many google searches for things:

    • Some medically related stuff, especially related to anesthesia
      "abdominal surgery" "cooling down on pressors medication" "scar tissue sternum" "difficult airway box"

    • "what does it mean when a doctor says a pt is a very poor historian"
      see 7/16/2007 Poor historian

    • People who are sleepy
      "i'm sleepy" "I'm sleepy the entire day" "How not to be so sleepy" "at work so sleepy" "I'm at work and so sleepy" "Why am I so sleepy" "I'm sleepy what to do" "why am i so sleepy all of the time" "im so sleepy all the time why is this" "so so sleepy"

      So some of these people may be looking for my blog (I don't know why they would) but I'm guessing there are lots of people out there who don't sleep well. There are many medical reasons for this. You should look on the web (which you are trying to do I know...)

      Here's a short list from my limited experience in the field (I'm not a sleep expert. This is not a medical diagnosis. Go see your doctor.):

      • Not enough sleep (at least 8 hours a day)
      • Poor sleep environment (Not dark enough, too loud, pets, children etc...)
      • Sleep apnea (A medical condition where you stop breathing when you sleep. The body wakes itself so you will breathe. Can be treated. Makes a huge difference. I know!)
      • Excessive caffeine and stimulant ingestion (including nicotine. I know someone who if they drink caffeine after 2-3pm can't sleep at all)
      • Thyroid hormone deficiency
      • Other medical conditions
      • Medication side effects

    • Always some links to some of my random images that I've "borrowed" from the rest of the net.
      "necktie.jpg" "ferret.jpg" "gastroscope.jpg" "heartvessels.gif"

    • "book called shock of your life"
      I have no idea, but here you go... Shock of your life by Adrian Holloway Go for it, it's only 11 bucks.


Iml said...

Cannot remember exactly how I stumbled upon your blog but it makes interesting read on what's happening in hospitals far away. When I have a problem sleepng, I take a glass of wine.

Brooke Jean said...

I liked your post! I just stumbled across your blog trying to find something to entertain me the last 30 minutes of work! Thanks! It helped!

p53 said...

glad im not the only one whos always sleepy

(^_^) said...

hehehee.. i came across your blog by exactly those means... "so sleepy"!!

Glad to say your blog woke me up nicely!!!

alok said...

Oh wow same here...

I just searched "so sleepy" on Google and had a nice surprise reading this post.

Anonymous said...

Yup. Searched "I'm so sleepy" as well.

It's quite entertaining. I'm feeling less sleepy already!

Two thumbs up.

B said...

I searched "im dlrrpy" which was my sleepy way of saying "I'm sleepy". I was bored and tired and luckily I stumbled upon your blog!