Saturday, January 22, 2005

Heart trouble

So, my dad had his heart catheterization yesterday. They found narrowings in at least 3 vessels. That's pretty shocking to everyone considering he had no symptoms prior to his test. Normally that would mean that he would need heart surgery. But one of the main vessels had blockages all the way down the artery. This means that if they were to do a heart bypass there would be no where to bypass the artery. So instead they put in four stents. Four! And then they stopped because they had used a lot of contrast dye to place those four stents. They kept him overnight and they want him to come back in two weeks and they want to put some more stents in. Yikes.

Anyway he had an uneventful night in the hospital. And we picked him up at the hospital after being dumped on by 8-10 inches of snow. It sucks. I shoveled the driveway at home and after an hour I had to shovel another 2 inches off... what gives.

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