Wednesday, January 05, 2005


Hi there. I'm joining the world of the blog. There's a bunch of medical blogs out there, but I haven't seen many in regards to anesthesiology/anesthesia. Sure there are indirect references but not too many specific ones.

I'm not sure anyone understands what anesthesiologists do. Not even the surgeons with which we work every day. Even the title of this blog isn't quite right. Anesthesia isn't just about putting people to sleep. Sometimes it is... not always. Anyway. I have a lot of interesting stories from work. It shouldn't be overly technical or academic, at least not at first. Hopeful this will be an insightful and enjoyable journey. If not, I at least get a chance to vent. Feel free to send or make comments. I'll do my best to address them if anyone actually reads this.


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Charmaine said...

Hi there !
Well.. what else can I say...other than.. I'm DEEPLY IMPRESSED !!!
I'm impressed because I've finally 'met' a 'interesting' anaest and mind you, I've never before read more than three scribblings by a same blogger.. you're the first !

Was actually clicking and surfing the web.. and.. okay, I've just started blogging too.. but your postings here made me had the impulse of deleting my account ( kidding, hehe ! )..

Okay, I admit.. I'm surfing because I was, somehow, trying to see if an old flame of mine would blog too.. ( I lost contact after the unwishful incident ! )

He's an anaest in a local ( or should I say, in my home country. )military hospital, and from the years that I've been with him... cardiac anaesthesia has always been his INTEREST to further his anaesthesiology studies in..
Your blog reminds me very much of him and I'm smiling tonight... thanks !

It's been years but I'm still in the same medical industry... and so is he, or so I heard.

Great blog !! Way to go !