Friday, April 01, 2005

Plane trouble

So guess where i'm supposed to be... Madison. Guess where I'm not... Madison. So I'm on my way to the airport to give some short presentations at a conference in Madison. On the way to the airport I get a call saying my flight is cancelled... So obviously I think it's a prank. So in actuality, my flight is cancelled. In the next 5 minutes I get about 4 calls from people who were also supposed to be on that flight and they have heard the same thing. Apparently there's some sort of crew shortage and we've been rebooked on a flight tomorrow morning after the conference starts. We go to the airport figuring we can work something out there to get to Madison. We get there, to find some very unhelpful staff... I'm on my phone the whole way there trying to get alternative travel arrangements made. Ends up being that the people on the flight have been put on about 6 different flights, mine being one of the later ones. In the midst of trying to get stuff squared away I'm trying to adjust my car rental so I can pick it up in the morning rather than this evening. The man at the car rental place tells me I need to call the website I booked the car with. I call them and they say I need to call the car place. I explain that I've already done that and they assure me that I just need to make another reservation and the other will just go away. Go away? I question this so I don't get a charge on my credit card and she accuses me of not listening. ARGH!!!! At this point i feel like vomitting. This is the first problem i've had with an airline in the past that I can remember. So instead I'll arrive at the conference just before one of my presentations. hopefully the flight in the morning will go well. At least my cat won't be lonely tonight.

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