Tuesday, April 05, 2005


Grand rounds XXVIII is available at Polite Dissent

It's my first submission and post there...

If you're not familiar with term Grand Rounds... it's basically a conference where people talk about a particular subject or recent events in the department. Often there's a guest speaker or something. Evidently it's taken from John Hopkins hospital back in the day. The patient's rooms were in the rotunda and to see them you went "a round" Everything medical has to have "rounds" after it it seems

Seeing patients with your team before the attending arrives is "work rounds"
Seeing patients by yourself before work rounds is "pre-rounding"
Seeing patients with your attending is just "rounds"
Seeing patients with special attending for education purposes is "teaching rounds"
"Grand Rounds" is usually the department's weekly conference.
Eating is "p.o. (per ora) rounds"

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chasdom said...


This blog shows a lot of insight into what you do as a doctor, both the highs and the lows, and you deserve all the attention you can get!