Sunday, April 17, 2005

Trick Daddy

I may be the only anesthesiologist that listens to rap. It's good stuff. It's amusing though... occasionally they throw in that random medical term in.

Lately on the radio they've been playing (Gimme Some) Sugar(remix) by Trick Daddy, featuring Ludacris, Lil' Kim, and Cee-Lo. It's a great song. They have some amazing rhymes.

One verse by Lil' Kim goes "I give ya high blood pressure like a diabetic". I know they're trying to relate the diabetes theme in as the title is Gimme Some Sugar, but I don't know that diabetes cause hypertension. They are associated however it seems. I guess she's saying she's so hot she raises your blood pressure.

Oh well, I can't hold it against them. I still like the genre. I still like the song.


Pk said...

Please tell me the surgeon's get to pick the music in the OR not the anesthesiologist ;)

bnug said...

Surgeons get to choose. I wouldn't subject my musical tastes on others. (And why shouldn't I get a say!)