Tuesday, January 10, 2006

More anniversary stats from the last year

Shortest time between posts: 3 minutes
Longest time between posts: 17 days


Heaviside_Function said...

I have been reading your blog with great interest.

I am an electrical engineer who became fascinated with anesthesiology back in 1997 when I had an opportunity to tour the Milton S. Hershey Medical School Anesthesia Training Simulator.

Anesthesiology is so appealing because the discipline is a fusion of electrical instrumentation, fluid/gas dynamics, pharmacology (I drive my wife, a pharmacist nuts with questions!), physiology, etc.

Kudos for choosing such a great area of practice, especially the cardiac specialization.

One question: How accurate are the new monitors that are supposed to indicate depth of anesthesia in a patient?

4F said...

Keep up the blog, I've started mine.

Jonathan said...

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